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Web Services

Brocton PC offers website and email hosting as well as design and management

Having a website for your business is a great way to to keep your customers up to date with product info and advertisement. Put your inventory online and give your customers 24 hour access.

Organizations can use the web to give members access to calendars, bulletin boards and news as well as for recruitment, fund-raising and other collaborative efforts.

Our servers feature quad core Intel CPU's with solid state disks for fast access and the latest Linux operating systems for preformance and stability

Standard Hosting

$25 Startup then $10 per month

  • Domain Registration or Transfer
  • Commercial SSL Certificate
  • email@yourdomain
  • Basic Site Setup

Enhanced Hosting

$150 Startup then $10 per month

  • Domain Registration or Transfer
  • Commercial SSL Certificate
  • email@yourdomain
  • Full Site Design Service
  • Weekly Content Updates


Need someone to fully manage your website? Contact us for more info or a quote


Desktop and Laptop Repair    

If your computer is really slow, freezing up, displaying error messegaes, or won't even boot up we can help.

When you bring your PC in for maintenance it will receive the following services:

  • Full Updating of the Operating System and Drivers 
  • Repair Boot Failures
  • Removal of all known Virus/Malware infections
  • Error Checking & De-fragmenting of all hard disks
  • Other diagnostic work required to fix individual problems
  • Optimize the Operating Systems Boot Sequence
  • Clean Fans,Heatsinks and Case(desktop only)

Other Computer Services

  • Android Tablet Repair (Certian Models)
  • Linux Installations ( Windows Replacement or Dual Boot)
  • Solid State Drive Upgrades
  • Custom System Builds
  • Data Backups

* We recommend backing up all important and confidential files and keeping them on an external storage device with encryption. Keeping your personal information safe is a serious matter to Brocton PC. We uphold our privacy policy at all times to ensure the safety of our clients data and personal information but due to the nature of our work we assume no liability for lost, corrupted or otherwise missing personal data left on a device which is brought to us for repair.

App Development

Custom Apps

Automate and streamline your daily tasks

  • Customer Databases
  • Document Management
  • Project Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Billing and Invoicing

Anything you do with a spreadsheet or paper and pencil
we can make it better, faster and smart


The Free for Everyone
Financial Management App

Currently Beta Testing.
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LedgerSmart POS

Full Featured and Customizable Point of Sale Systems

for Resturants and Retail Stores

with support for Tablets and other Mobile Devices

LedgerSmart Time

Timeclock & Payroll System

Support for Multiple Job Types and Payrates
Calculate Taxes, Print Paystubs
Federal and NY State Return Data

Free Electronics Recycling

With todays fast paced technological advances we accumulate old and obsolete electronics faster than ever. Many of theses items are considered hazardous waste due to lead, cadmium, mercury and other toxic elements inside of them. This means they cannot be put into landfills with normal solid waste.

At Brocton PC we accept electronic waste free of charge and properly dispose of it for you. We are registered with the NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation (#00576) as an Electronic Waste Collection Site. We assure proper disposal of collected electronics in accordance with New York State's ewaste laws See a list of everything we accept below.

We offer free hard drive data destruction service to ensure all of your personal data is destroyed before recycling used hard drives.

Acceptable Materials

  • Computers (Desktops, Laptops, Servers)
  • Printers & Ink/Toner Cartridges
  • Computer Accessories (Mice, Keyboards, Webcams, Speakers, Microphones etc.)
  • Computer Monitors (LCD, LED) Televisions (LCD, LED, Plasma)
  • Copiers, Typewriters, Fax Machines, Scanners
  • Telephones, Answering Machines, Cell Phones, Chargers
  • GPS Units, Pagers, PDA's, Tablets, MP3 Players
  • VHS/DVD/CD/Cassette Players, Radios
  • VHS Tapes, Cassette Tapes, CDs/DVDs
  • Storage Devices (External Hard Drives, Solid State Drives, SD Cards, Memory Cards, Card Readers, etc.)
  • Audio Equipment (Speakers, Microphones, DJ Equipment, Receivers, Recording Devices, Headphones, etc.)
  • Video Equipment (Cameras, Video Cameras, Web Cams, Recording Devices, etc.)
  • Communications Equipment
  • Medical Testing Equipment
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Circuit Boards
  • Cables, Wires, Power Cords, PowerStrips